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2023-2024 Beef & Veal in the Culinary Classroom Grant Program

“Beef and Veal in the Classroom” is a grant program funded by beef farmers and ranchers through the Beef Checkoff Program and the South Dakota Beef Industry Council. The goal of this grant program is to enable an ‘above and beyond’ in-class educational opportunity to assist with enhancement of student knowledge of beef cutting, cookery, nutrition and safety.  

Application Form/Materials Request- Form 

This program is NOT for schools seeking reimbursement for all of their beef and/or veal purchases throughout the duration of the school year.  The intention of the program is to enable schools the ability to offer an ‘above and beyond’ beef educational experience in the classroom. Grants are intended to offer classes that teach beef cookery a special opportunity for a ‘Beef & Veal in the Culinary Classroom’ lesson/experience.  Please reserve the grant funding for your classes that are MOST LIKELY to benefit from the educational experience.  Examples of such lessons/experiences can include, but are not limited to subprimal or primal cutting demonstrations that ideally pair with cooking lessons utilizing the fabricated cuts from the cutting demo, cooking lessons highlighting the various properties and cooking attributes of beef muscles, cooking contests/competitions among students to encourage innovation recipe development or mastery of challenging skills…etc.

Once submitted, you will be notified on/before November 20, 2023, if this grant is eligible for reimbursement and the total dollar amount approved.

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