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Beef's Nutrients for All Ages & Stages

Beef's Nutrients

Champagne Steak Salad with Blue Cheese

When it comes to beef and your health, you can rest easy knowing that along with being delicious, beef contains important nutrients that your body needs. In just one 3 oz. cooked serving, you’re getting 10 essential nutrients, including about half your Daily Value for protein!

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Beef's Protein

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If there was a protein contest, beef would surely be crowned the king! Among the powerful package of 10 essential nutrients beef is known for, protein may be one of the most notable. In fact, one 3 oz cooked serving of beef provides 50% of your Daily Value (25 grams) of this important nutrient—making it an excellent source!

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Beef Nutrition from Infancy and Beyond

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Humans generally require the same nutrients throughout life, although the amounts of certain nutrients vary somewhat depending on the stage of life. Infancy, childhood and adolescence – as well as pregnancy and lactation – are periods of anabolism, where muscles, tissues and bones are growing more rapidly than they are breaking down. Eating beef can help to meet nutrient needs during each of these life stages.

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6 Reasons to Feed Beef to Your Baby

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Nutrition science constantly evolves, and the past several years have seen dramatic changes in nutrition and feeding recommendations for infants and toddlers. The 2020-2025 US Dietary Guidelines for Americans are the first to issue specific dietary recommendations for ages birth to 24 months.

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Beef Helps Make Every Bite Count for Tweens and Teens

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Nutrition is important throughout life, and it’s essential to build a strong foundation of diet variety, nutrient density, and healthy habits during childhood and adolescence. This is because, during this stage of life, children are growing at a rapid pace, and a healthy, balanced dietary pattern provides the building blocks needed for growth and development.

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3 Nutrition Tips for Students

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A well-balanced meal plan containing appropriate amounts of macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates and fat) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) is essential to provide enough energy for growth and activity. Fluids are also essential for hydration to support growth and athletic performance.

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Beef in a Healthy, Sustainable Eating Pattern

Which Cuts of Beef are Lean?

Two-Bite Burgers

We all know that beef tastes great, but did you know how good it is for you too? A 3 oz. cooked serving of lean beef (about the size of a deck of cards) provides 10 essential nutrients and about half of the Daily Value for protein in about 170 calories!

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Beef Compliments a Plant-Based Diet

Farmers Market Vegetable Beef and Brown Rice Salad

Plant-based eating patterns focus on foods primarily from plants like fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, grains, and beans. This eating pattern can actually be visualized by thinking of USDA’s MyPlate, which recommends half of your plate includes fruits and vegetables, a quarter grains, a quarter foods rich in protein (both animal and plant sources), and a serving of low-fat dairy.

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Beef and Heart Health

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Eating for a healthy heart and enjoying one of your favorite foods—these two things don’t have to be at odds with one another! Recent research1 shows that eating lean beef as part of a heart healthy dietary pattern can help maintain normal cholesterol levels.

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Beef and the Mediterranean-Style Eating Pattern

Greek-Style Beef Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

Incorporating lean red meat into a Mediterranean-style eating pattern can help support heart health. These delicious Mediterranean Diet inspired recipes include plenty of lean meat, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds.

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7 Suprising Facts About Beef and a heart-Healthy Diet

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Eating for a healthy heart and enjoying your favorite foods like beef don’t have to be at odds with one another. Lean beef helps support a strong body by providing important nutrients to build and replenish muscles and, among all the muscles in your body, your heart is arguably the most important.

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Beef and the Immune System

Classic Beef Stuffed Peppers

Let’s be clear, the biggest things you can do for your immune system is to wash your hands and eat a balanced diet. And, when it comes to a balanced diet, you’re missing out if you’re not including servings of beef in your meal prep.

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Beef up Your Snacks

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Beefy Balanced Meals

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Healthful Beef Recipes

Beef Steak Salad With Dried Cherries

Eating for a healthy heart and enjoying one of your favorite foods - these two things don't have to be at odds with one another! Recent research shows eating lean beef as part of a heart-healthy dietary pattern can help maintain normal cholesterol levels. Enjoying lean beef in a heart-healthy lifestyle is easier than you think with these recipes featuring lean beef, fresh fruit and vegetables, and whole grains.

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The Connection Between Beef's Protein and Strength

Beef Jerky Trail Mix

The essential nutrients found in beef, like protein, iron, zinc and B vitamins, provide our bodies and minds with the fuel we need at all stages of life to be the strongest version of ourselves. Learn more about how beef's nutrients, along with a healthy lifestyle, work to help build muscle and mental strength.

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