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Blogger, Registered Dietitian and Distance Runner Trains for August Ultramarathon

C. Brown | June 11, 2021

Chrissy Carroll

Blogger, Registered Dietitian and Distance Runner Trains for August Ultramarathon 

Veteran Northeast Team Beef member, Chrissy Carroll, a.k.a. “Snacking in Sneakers”, has been a long-time advocate for the dietary benefits of beef. As an athlete herself, she lives fitness. As a registered dietitian, she lives cooking and nutrition. As a social media influencer, her online platforms give her the perfect space to share all of her passions.

“I work as a full-time blogger in the nutrition and fitness space, sharing helpful tips on,” Chrissy said.  “As an RD, USAT Level I Triathlon Coach, and RRCA Running Coach, it’s really fun to be able to bridge my professional and personal passions into blogging and social media.”  When Chrissy isn’t working on the things she truly loves, you can find her relaxing with her husband and son at their home in central Massachusetts. 

Chrissy articulates what continues to keep her motivated to run so well, “Running is the one fitness activity I’ve been able to stick with through the last 10+ years, and always makes me feel great. Because it requires no equipment and can be done anytime, anywhere, I find myself more motivated to keep with it compared to other classes or activities. It’s also the best anxiety reliever out there. If I’m having a stressful day, I know a run will massively calm my mind.”

Due to the state-wide rules in Massachusetts, in-person races were not taking place from the start of the pandemic in 2020 until May 2021. Residents had the option to either race outside of Massachusetts or race virtually. Chrissy shares, “While virtual races were available, I definitely find more motivation through in-person events, so that’s been a struggle. That said, I’m grateful that I love running, because it’s been a safe activity that I was able to continue throughout the pandemic. I do enjoy lacing up and hitting the road solo. In May of this year, the state announced that in-person races could take place again, so I’m thrilled that I’ll finally be able to race again this summer!”

Chrissy has been focusing her pandemic solo running and training time to a really exciting event taking place later this summer. “I’m currently training for the Anchor Down Ultramarathon, a 6-hour race taking place in August this year in Rhode Island. It’ll be the longest race I’ve done in many years, so I’m excited to tackle the challenge. Last year I tore my abdominal muscles on a slip and slide trying to make a funny TikTok (yes, the story is as ridiculous as it sounds). I spent several months just working my way back to normal movement in physical therapy. I’m so excited to be at a point where I’m running long distances again and can’t wait to tackle the August race, and I’m just thrilled there are in-person races starting to take place again!”

Fueling Chrissy’s passions in life and her commitment to being a member of the Northeast Team Beef program is her appreciation for beef. “There are plenty of protein options to choose from, and I definitely include many of them in my diet but I’m not sure any taste as great as beef! From lean steak on a salad to a perfectly grilled burger to some spicy beef stew, there are so many cuts and flavor combinations you can enjoy with beef. Plus, in addition to the protein, beef is a good source of iron (particularly important for female athletes), excellent source of B12 (used for energy production), and also an excellent source of zinc (for a healthy immune system).

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