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If you Direct-Market Beef, You Need to Know about the Northeast Beef Directory!

C. Brown | February 21, 2020

Do consumers have an interest in knowing more about the food they prepare at home?  Does their knowledge of how their food was raised have any correlation to their perceptions of the product?  When it comes to beef, to Northeast regional consumers, several studies and consumer trackers show that it does.  

The 2015 Local Food Marketing Practices Survey, conducted by the National Agriculture Statistics Service, shows the Northeast region has the highest number of farms selling food directly to consumers, and beef is the number one food commodity sold directly from the farm through all channels of distribution within the region.  

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA), a contractor to the Beef Checkoff, found in the Consumer Beef Tracker (October, 2019 - December, 2019 data) that 71 percent of consumers say they consider how their food is grown and raised when making an at-home meal decision.  Furthermore, the Northeast Beef Promotion Initiative, a contractor to the Beef Checkoff, invested in a regional heavy up of the quarterly Consumer Beef Tracker in 2018, conducted by NCBA.  The study revealed that knowledge on how cattle are raised is lower in the Northeast, which correlates to lower positive perceptions of beef production. Findings show that 45% of Northeast consumers state they are unknowledgeable about beef production, compared to only 36% of total U.S. consumers claiming they are unknowledgeable about beef production. What ends up on the plate, or in the literal or virtual shopping cart, is certainly influenced by production knowledge.  

New to the directory in 2020, is an interactive pinned map that makes searching for farms or markets easier for the consumer.

Given the number of Northeast farmers selling their products directly to the public and high percentage of regional consumers claiming they are unknowledgeable about beef production, the national Beef Checkoff continues to maintain and enhance the Northeast Beef Directory.  Launched in April of 2017, through a partnership with the Virginia Beef Industry Council, the Northeast Beef Directory’s listing includes 200 producers to-date. The Northeast Beef Directory is an online resource designed to help connect Northeast consumers with local beef markets and farmers selling beef directly, while at the same time reminding them of the safety, convenience and wholesomeness of beef purchased through the more traditional and mainstream channels of distribution such as a supermarkets, club warehouse stores or online retailers.

Western Pennsylvania Beef Producer, Joann Logan of Logan Family Farms LLC., shares,

“Our best marketing has been word of mouth, but the interested party needs someplace to find the details about how to buy and that is what the Northeast Beef Directory provides. Anne VanEmes took a chance on our product from the list of producers and was so pleased that she began using the product on her You Tube Channel Annie’s Family Recipes. We have increased sales from this exposure and we orchestrated use of her cooking demonstrations to supplement our specials and holiday sales efforts.”

The Northeast Beef Directory has been live for nearly three years and includes robust educational resources that inform consumers about their options for choosing beef. These sub-pages include many popular shopper resources funded by the national Beef Checkoff, such as a ‘Beef Choices’ infographic, a ‘Beef Breakdown, Explained’ fact sheet and links to the recently renovated Beef it’s What’s for Dinner website. Thanks to this additional information, consumers will discover that, regardless of their final decision, their beef choices are wholesome, nutritious and delicious. 

Any beef producer or butcher shop located in the Northeast region selling beef directly to the public is encouraged to be a part of the directory by filling out the Producer Submission Form.

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