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When Love, Running and Beef Blend

C. Brown | December 6, 2019

Chrissy Carroll and terry young

When Love, Running and Beef Blend

We all love a good romance story, right? Popular movies such as “When Harry Met Sally” or “Sleepless in Seattle” wouldn’t be nearly as popular if it wasn’t for the sweet spark of romance drawing two people together. Chrissy Carroll and Terry Young are both members of the Northeast Team Beef program and their relationship not only started, but continues to be an integral part of their marriage years after their first race together.

Chrissy shared with us the sweet tale of their meeting and subsequent marriage.  

“A few weeks into dating, I asked Terry if he wanted to do a Halloween road race with me and some friends – our group costume was 80’s aerobics instructors. He showed up in full costume, and I knew then he was the right fit for me. When we got married back in 2012, we actually tied the knot at the finish line of the “Run in the Name of Love 5K” in Carmel, CA. Terry donned a tuxedo T-shirt; I ran in a white running skirt and a veil. We had a justice of the peace and photographer meet us at the finish line and we grabbed a random person who finished at the same time as us to be our witness. Now years later, running is still such an integral part of our relationship and family.  And now that we’ve got our 4-year-old, Devon, into racing, it makes it a fun event for the family. Devon has done two 5Ks, an obstacle course race, and a few shorter kids races already. It’s amazing to see his face when he crosses that finish line, and I love that he feels the same joy we do when crossing the finish line. I hope he, like us, continues to find joy in running.”

Chrissy is a registered dietitian, blogger and social media enthusiast. You can find her at @Chrissytherd on Instagram or by visiting her website, Her husband, Terry, works in the IT field. They live together in Central Massachusetts. Not only do they enjoy running together as a family, but they also love the value and versatility of a delicious beef meal. 

Chrissy continued, “And of course, as a family, we are all big fans of beef! Beef is such a great source of protein for athletes, and I love that it also provides nutrients like iron and zinc to support overall health. But perhaps even more important is the taste and versatility! From Italian beef sandwiches to sliced strip steak on a salad to a cheeseburger frittata, beef can be prepared in so many ways.” Terry added, “Beef can be prepared in so many ways, and I don’t think I can name a particularly bad way to prepare it. Because of the (actual) science behind it, I find it very easy to promote the inclusion of beef into a normal diet. I’ve been doing it all my life, and always knew I was doing the right thing.” 

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