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How One Registered Dietitian Shares her Love for Beef

C. Brown | June 4, 2019

Abbie Gellman

How One Registered Dietitian Shares her Love for Beef

Any mother to a newborn can understand the need to get a little bit of alone time during those intense first few months, and even years after the birth of a child.  Abbie Gellman can attest to needing some quiet time herself and, for her, that came in the form of picking up running right after the birth of her daughter.  In addition to the quiet time running provided Abbie, she also hoped that time would pull double-duty and serve to lose some baby weight.  Ten years later, Abbie continues to run, though her motivation has changed a bit.  One of her main motivators for running these days is the chance to reconnect with a dear friend on her runs.  Other runners can certainly appreciate the need for an accountability partner when it comes to maintaining consistency.  It certainly makes any run more enjoyable!

Abbie is a Registered Dietitian and chef, and she has her own company, Culinary Nutrition Cuisine, based in New York City.  Abbie shoots cooking videos weekly, some featuring beef and some in tandem with her daughter.  Abbie playfully dubbed those tandem cooking videos, “The Gellman Girls.”  As both a Registered Dietitian and chef, Abbie knows the importance of fueling with beef. “Beef is extremely versatile, nutrient dense, (and delicious!) and it allows me to refuel my protein easily and quickly,” she mentioned.  

Abbie is a member of the Northeast Team Beef program, coordinated by the Northeast Beef Promotion Initiative and funded by beef farmers and ranchers through the Beef Checkoff Program. 

Abbie’s most recent beef cooking videos include Ricotta Beef Burgers, Sheet Pan Nachos and Teriyaki Flank Steak.  

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