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First-Time Marathoner, Coming Up!

| March 6, 2019

Ginger Harrell

First-Time Marathoner, Coming Up!

One of our newest members of the Northeast Team Beef program is on the brink of running in her first full marathon. In early December, Ginger Harrell of Franklin Park, NJ will challenge her body to cover 26.2 miles for the first time and her goal is to run it in less than 4 ½ hours. “Running gives me control, it moves me forward and enforces my belief in the power of positive thought,” comments Ginger.

Ginger is a member of the Northeast Team Beef program, coordinated by the Northeast Beef Promotion Initiative and funded by beef farmers and ranchers through the Beef Checkoff Program. Ginger is one of 12 new team members to join the program this fall.

Ginger shared with us, “I have a steak for dinner the night before every race. There’s just something about eating beef that I love. The way it tastes- wonderfully delicious. The way it makes me feel- fully satisfied. It also makes me feel strong and fuels me with the nutrients I need to meet my training goals!” She continues, “Being a part of Team Beef gives me a sense of pride, makes me feel like I’m apart of something bigger that just me and my pace, and makes me excited to spread the word that all should include lean beef in their regular diet!”

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