Northeast Beef Checkoff News

November 2018: Beef Poke Makes a Debut at TASTE! Lancaster

October 2018: Influencers Learn What it Takes to Raise Today's Veal

September 2018: Back to School with Beef Inspiration from Blogger Christina Hitchcock 

September 2018: Summer Beef Campaign in the Northeast

August 2018: Beef, The Star of the Tailgate with WTAJ-TV

August 2018: School Nutrition Meets the People Behind Beef

July 2018: Beef Highlighted on WBAL-TV's Sunday Brunch

June 2018: The Art of Beef & Wine Pairings

June 2018:  Meat Your Beef Chef's Tour

May 2018: Reaching Northeast Channel Influencers

May 2018: Team Beef in the Northeast

May 2018: Advocacy Taken to the Next Level for Chef's Attending Beef Checkoff Media Training 

November 2017: Northeast Consumers Fall For Beef

August 2017: Beef on the Run at the 2017 New Balance Falmouth Road Race

August 2017: Beef Featured at the Maine Lobster Festival 

June 2017: Agreements in DC Forged Over Beef and BBQ - A Great Mix

May 2017: Beef Takes Center Stage During NYC #BeefTogether Meat Retreat

May 2017: Spicing Things Up at the New England Chili Cook Off

April 2017:  Beef Fuels Team Beef in Boston and view a  YouTube Video of partnership with the Honest Beef Company

March 2017: Beef Education & Fun for Family Physicians

January 2017: Beef on Hand at the NBC4 Health & Fitness Expo

December 2016: Northeast Physicians Understand the Evidence of Diet & Cancer Risk

November 2016: Engaging Millennials in Leadership Training

November 2016: Team Beef at the 41st Marine Corps Marathon

October 2016: Meat Retreat Hosted in New England

September 2016:  Runners Fuel up with Beef at the Rock n' Roll Half Marathon

August 2016: Checkoff Spices Things Up at the 2nd Street Festival

June 2016: Beef Sizzled at National Capital BBQ Battle

June 2016:  Beef at the Strolling of the Heifers Parade

May 2016: Consumers Encouraged to "Let's Get Grilling" to Win BBQ Battle Tickets

May 2016: "Meat Your Beef" with Baltimore Culinary Students

May 2016: BEEFMersion Northeast Culinary Experience

April 2016:  Beef Fuels Team Beef at the 2016 Boston Marathon

November 2015: "Meat Your Beef" with New England Retailers 

September 2015: Beefing Up the 40th Marine Corps Marathon

September 2015: Optimizing Dietary Protein with Northeast Physicians

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