Beefy Italian Stuffed Shells

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southern italian beef steak & pasta for two 

Southern Italian Beef Steak & Pasta for Two

A homemade tomato sauce comes together easily while juicy Tenderloin Steaks are perfectly cooked. Serve the sauce over your favorite pasta and you've got a tasty Italian steak dinner.

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beefy italian stuffed shells

Beefy Italian Stuffed Shells

An elegant way to elevate leftover Pot Roast or Brisket. Shred the meat and mix with cheese, egg, parsley and garlic, then gently fill pasta shells and top with sauce.

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tuscan beef & pesto pasta 

Tuscan Beef & Pesto Pasta

Try this quick and easy recipe. Refrigerated Fully-Cooked Boneless Beef Pot Roast with gravy is served with a tomato-pesto sauce. Slices of bell pepper add some exciting color to this dish.

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italian-style beef sausage

Italian Beef & Cheese Calzone

Use Ground Beef in this Italian-Style Beef Sausage recipe as a delicious addition to your favorite Italian recipes.

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speedy fiesta steak and rice

Speedy Fiesta Steak and Rice

Have a flavorful meal in just 35 minutes. Use Skirt Steak and Tex-Mex flavors for a weeknight fiesta.

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beef green chili

Beef Green Chili

This soul-warming chili is simple to prepare. Using leftover beef Brisket, add onion, jalapeno peppers, garlic, chilies and tomatoes, then simmer to deepen the chili's rich flavors.

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mexican-style beef sausage

Mexican-Style Beef Sausage Nachos

Use Ground Beef in this recipe as a delicious addition to your favorite Mexican recipes.

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cheeseburger mac

Cheeseburger Mac

Ground Beef served with macaroni noodles and a cheesy sauce. A favorite for kids and adults alike.

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cuban crispy shredded beef

Cuban Crispy Shredded Beef (Vaca Frita)

A few simple ingredients can take leftover Pot Roast to the next level. Traditionally known as Vaca Frita, sautéed beef with bell pepper, onion and lime juice, commonly served with rice and black beans. Delicious!

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