Charron Farm Inc.

Owner: David Charron 

5090 Main Road

West Haven, VT 05743 

Phone: 802-265-2080

How to Order Beef:  Call and place an order

Breezy acres farm

Owner/Operator: Mark Brouillette 

536 Fuller Bridge Road 

Richford, VT 05476 

Phone: (802) 326-2197

How to Order Beef: Physical on-farm store front, available at farm markets and call and place an order

Chandler Pond Farm, LLC   

Owner/Operator: Mark, Dahlia, Chuck and Lisa Dill 

528 Burroughs Road

Wheelock, VT 05851

Phone: 802-745-8607 

How to Order Beef: Physical Store-Front or Call and Place an Order

Maple Wind Farm   

Owner/Operator: Beth Whiting

1340 Carse Road

Huntingdon, VT 05462

Phone: 802-434-7257 

How to Order Beef: Online sales and available at farm markets

Clay Hill Farm   

Owner: Guy Crosby 

220 Clay Hill Rd 

Hartland, VT 05048 

Phone: 802-291-1209

How to Order Beef: Call and Place an Order

Graze and Gaze Farm 

Owners: Bill and Loretta Gaidys

253 Phelps Road 

Barre, VT 05641 

Phone: 802-479-2778 

How to Order Beef: Call and Place an Order 

Greenfield Highland Beef 

Owners: Janet Steward and Ray Shatney 

487 Gray Road   

Plainfield, VT  05667  

Phone: 802-454-7384 


How to Order Beef: Call and Place an Order or Email

Health Hero Farm 

Owners: Joan Falcao and Bob Fireovid  

350 West Shore Road 

South Hero, VT 05486 

Phone: 802-378-5246 

How to Order Beef: Call and place and order, email or online sales

Ned's Best Beef   

Owner/Manager: Nathaniel Miller 

745 Freeman Road

Northfield, VT 05663 

Phone: 802-485-9910 


How to Order Beef: Call and Place an Order

Paddock Farms, Inc 

General Manager: Philip Leibold 

7560 US Route 2  

Plainfield, VT 05667 

Phone: 802-322-5026  


How to Order Beef: Call or Email and Place an Order 

Smith Family Farm

Manager: AnnaJo Smith 

2516 Lime Kiln Road 

New Haven, VT 05472 

Phone: (802) 877-2712 

Spring Hill Angus, LLC. 

General Manager: Tara Bronson 

333 Foxwood Lane 

Derby, VT 05829 

Phone: 802-222-1852  

BQA Certified

How to Order Beef: Call and Place an Order

Storm View Angus 

Owners: Colin & Gretchen Stabile 

916 Herrick Brook Road 

Pawlet VT, 57601  

Phone: 802-325-3389 or 802-236-5503 


How to Order Beef: Call and Place an Order 

Walden Mountain Farm  

Owner: Michael Michaud 

264 Coles Pond Road 

East Hardwick, VT 05836 

Phone: 802-533-7788