northeast team beef recipes

Recipes designed for training, pre- and post-race meal or every day!

A recipe collection featuring our Northeast Team Beef members' favorites. Enjoy these beef recipes before or after a race, or any day of the week.

beef stir fry

A colorful meal that is perfect for a post-race meal. 


beef and barley soup

Warm up with this simple soup - ready in less than an hour. 


grilled beef kabobs

Break out the grill and customize these beef kabobs with your favorite veggies. 


ground beef lasagna

A twist on a family classic - ground beef lasagna! Sure to be a crowd-pleaser. 


slow cooker pot roast with radishes and green beans

Set and forget - perfect for days you plan a long run or race. 


greek meatballs with avocado tzatziki sauce

Add some flair to a classic meatball with this avocado tzatziki sauce. 


grilled sirloin steak

A classic - grilled sirloin steak. Pair with your favorite vegetables and a starch. 


flank steak wrapped veggie rolls

These are sure to make you smile, while your muscles are screaming from a long run.