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K.Swope | April 18, 2023

The Beef Checkoff’s Northeast Beef Promotion Initiative had the pleasure of bringing together nearly 50 beef producers representing 5 states from across the Northeast region for our 2023 Northeast Beef Producer Workshop. Producers heard from Amanda Radke, South Dakota Rancher, and Industry Advocate.

Over 50 beef producers representing five states within the Northeast region, Maine to Virginia, came together both in-person and virtually, on April 14, 2023, for the Northeast Beef Producer Workshop hosted by the Northeast Beef Promotion Initiative, a subcontractor to the Beef Checkoff. The event provided regional beef producers with insights surrounding consumer trends, the importance of the Northeast Beef Directory as a resource for consumers to locate beef producers selling direct to consumers, and more. The highlight of the workshop was an engaging keynote discussion with Amanda Radke, South Dakota Rancher, and Industry Advocate. Amanda shared her perspective surrounding shifting our mindset and shaping new opportunities during challenging times. Radke shared,

"I was so energized and inspired working with the producers at the NEBPI workshop. Listening to how they are successfully adding value to their operations through direct-to-consumer beef sales was an incredible reminder about the power of sharing your story, connecting with consumers, and earning a premium for your hard work while making priceless connections with the people we aim to serve. These beef farmers are setting the standard for innovative beef promotion and sales, and we spent the day dialing in our messaging and exploring new and innovative ways to reach customers. I would encourage others to consider what opportunities may exist to capture added value when selling beef directly to consumers in their communities. What a great workshop!"

Many of the producers who participated in the workshop are direct marketing beef to consumers, whether through an on-farm store, utilizing e-commerce, retail/foodservice networks, etc. The workshop also highlighted the benefit the Northeast Beef Directory provides to both regional beef producers and consumers, alike. The Directory is a robust online resource designed to help connect Northeast-based families with local beef markets and farmers selling beef directly. There are currently more than 250 regional farms as part of the Directory, representing all 12 Northeast states, Maine to Virginia. In the past year, nearly 25% of website traffic to the website is to the Directory and the state-specific farm listings. 

The goal of this workshop was to better equip regional beef producers to have impactful interactions within their local communities, both on behalf of beef and for agriculture as a whole, while driving demand for beef. The NEBPI program looks forward to further engaging with these producers, as they serve as industry spokespeople. 

Kaitlyn Swope, Director of Consumer Affairs with the Northeast Beef Promotion Initiative shared,

"It was wonderful to see such a diverse group of beef producers from across the Northeast region gather together to learn more about how they can promote, and ultimately sell more beef, beef through their local outreach efforts, all while networking with other producers who are doing similar things in other parts of the region."

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