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K.Swope | January 4, 2022

To more effectively target the unique demands and preferences of Northeast consumers , the Northeast Beef Promotion Initiative (NEBPI), a subcontractor to the Beef Checkoff, through partnership with the Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner Market Research Team conducted the 2021 Northeast Dashboard Survey. The survey revealed important information about the Northeast metropolitan consumer.   

The key findings of the survey include, unique to the Northeast consumer, health is a top factor when considering protein meals, followed by taste and safety. The survey also found that the Northeast consumes less beef on a weekly basis than the total U.S. and perceptions of beef in the Northeast are less positive overall – driven by many variables, including versatility and safety. The survey also revealed that nearly half of Northeast consumers are ordering groceries online at least monthly. 

The key areas of opportunity for the Beef Checkoff to continue sharing the positive beef messaging include sharing more beef recipes that are quick and easy, as we know consumers continue to eat meals from home. These quick and easy recipes could encourage more beef consumption. We also learned that continuing to share out beef’s positive story, highlighting information on how cattle are raised has the potential to raise perceptions surrounding beef. We will also continue to highlight the Northeast Beef Directory as an online resource for locating local beef producers across the region. 

Please reach out directly to Kaitlyn Swope, Director of Consumer Affairs, [email protected] to request the full report. 

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