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Run for the Ribeye 10K Raises over $8,800 for Northeast Food Banks

K.Swope | August 4, 2021

Bedford - The Northeast Team Beef is made up of more than 40 athletes and fitness enthusiasts from across the Northeast region. They are a diverse community of runners, triathletes, farmers, moms, dads, college students and professionals that rely upon the health benefits of beef to fuel their healthy and active lifestyles. When they complete an endurance event in their Team Beef jersey, they feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. Even better, they also feel a sense of community that pushes them to become stronger. 

We’re proud to introduce a few of the members - Joy in Connecticut is a dairy farmer; Nick in Virginia is a police officer; Carole in New Jersey is a physician assistant; Amanda in Virginia is studying to become a veterinarian; and Maggie in New York is a cheese scientist. Beef fuels their busy careers and academic pursuits and it also fuels their recreational activities. The Northeast Team Beef members also regularly participate in endurance activities. For many of them, that means road or trail running.  Members on the team range from walk-joggers to elite marathoners. For others, that also means hiking, biking, playing volleyball, competing in Brazilian Jujitsu or teaching yoga.  

No athlete wants to be sidelined because they aren’t in the best shape. And, Northeast Team Beef members don’t want to sit on the sidelines in life. The members know first-hand how beef helps their bodies build and maintain muscle mass and recover after long endurance activities.

Over 200 runners from across the country laced up their shoes and hit the pavement with our Northeast Team Beef members for the Run for the Ribeye 10K, which was hosted May 22-29, 2021. Runners supported Feeding America Food Banks across the Northeast region with over $8,800 being donated.  

Kaitlyn Swope, Director of Consumer Affairs with the Northeast Beef Promotion Initiative shared, 

"The opportunity to bring together a community of runners from across the region and beyond, in support of providing a wholesome, nutritious source of protein, beef, through monetary food bank donations was a great testament to the values our beef farmers and ranchers embody each and every day within their communities."

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