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The Beef Checkoff Encourages Patient Conversations Around Beef

J. Orr | July 6, 2021

Family physicians of Pennsylvania learned about the benefits of beef nutrition for all ages at the Summer Conference of the Pennsylvania Academy of Family Physicians (PAFP), held in Cape May, New Jersey on June 27-30.  The Beef Checkoff’s Northeast Beef Promotion Initiative was one of the sponsors of the conference.

About 65 family physicians from universities, K-12 schools, health systems, community clinics, and hospitals attended this summer conference, the first in-person education conference in over a year.

The attendees engaged with nutrition educator and registered dietitian Cindy Chan Phillips, RD, on how beef fits in a heart-healthy diet, at the Beef Checkoff booth. The attendees deepened their knowledge about beef nutrition with printed resources including heart-healthy nutrition handouts, recipes, and lean beef cuts. They also found the newly designed 1-MIN Nutrition Conversation Guides for Physicians beneficial to support their conversation with patients on healthy eating during office visits. 

The conversation did not stop at the booth. Phillips was invited to and engaged with attendees at all of the social events throughout the conference including the evening receptions, family picnic, and even morning yoga on the beach.

PAFP Summer '21

The Beef Checkoff was encouraged to meet with the physician group in-person and share the latest about beef’s nutritional benefits in the diets of their patients’. 

“FAFP members are a fun bunch! They are curious and open to learning that the nutrients of beef are packed in a low caloric level. They are dedicated to total patients’ care even if patients from rural, urban, poor, and affluent communities could present with various challenges.”, said Phillips.

“I told my patients that many cultures from Greece and Italy eat meat and they are healthy!” said a family physician attendee.

“I did not know that the percentage of children getting the recommended amount of iron has been so low! Thank you for showing me the info!” said another family physician attendee. 

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