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C. Brown | April 23, 2021

Maria Ramirez Gorton

A Running Streak Fueled by Steak

Runners are almost always looking to achieve a goal.  It might be to run a specific pace, a certain distance or in this case, a running streak.  According to, “a run streak simply means running on consecutive days, for a set period of time, without fail. The rules are simple: you set your intended timeframe, and then all you have to do is run (most runners opt for a minimum of one mile) every single day. Your run streak can be for weeks, months, or for the exceptionally committed runner, forever.”  

One of our newest Northeast Team Beef members is Maria Ramirez Gorton, a veterinarian from Newport News, VA.  Maria’s running streak began on January 1, 2015 and she’s not missed a single day since.  Talk about commitment!  

Maria shares how her love for running began, “I actually had my first introduction to running when I was in middle school. My brother was a runner, and I ran my first 10k with him. He even ran the inaugural Los Angeles Marathon in 1986 and I was in awe! However, I really did not start running for myself until I was in veterinary school. It was an incredible way to distress from the demands of my studies. Years later I discovered the magic of races and it just exploded from there.”  

Maria will celebrate her 25th wedding anniversary this year and she is the mother to three children.  She contines, “I love sharing this passion (running) with my friends and family. Our children have grown up with running. My daughter ran her first marathon at 17 and my son just blazed his first half at 15. They motivate me to stay active and healthy so we can enjoy this as a family.”    

Maria’s personal goals might seem lofty to some, but she remains realistic with her expectations for her future running career.  “My only goal is truly to just continue running. I’d love to reach 10 years or more of my running streak but I am realistic and know that life is unpredictable no matter our motivations or goals, especially after the past year. I am simply grateful my body lets me do this every day.”

When asked why she chose to run as a member of the Northeast Team Beef program, Maria shares, “Beef is delicious, and I crave it! I can feel my muscles yelling “yes” especially after a recovery burger! Beef is so versatile.”  She continues, “There have not been many opportunities for races this year, but I have run “Track Tuesdays” with a number of friends for a few years. We run hard and then we have breakfast. The first time I wore my Team Beef jersey they all asked me what it was all about. “Team Beef huh?”  Yep! Then we all dug into our breakfast beef chorizo tacos. Favorite Taco Tuesdays since then!”

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