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Many Reasons to Run

C. Brown | April 2, 2021

Alden Gibbs

Many Reasons to Run

One of our veterans on the Northeast Team Beef is Alden Gibbs of Columbia, MD. Alden is a Systems Administrator for the government. He is a happily married father of seven children: four boys three girls. He started running in May 2015, after his yearly physical. At the time, Alden weighed 241 pounds and was asthmatic and pre-diabetic. That was his wake-up call. He changed his eating habits and started running. He went from 241 pounds to his current 175-180 pounds. His last asthma attack was July 2015. A year following his annual physical in May of 2015, his doctor was in shock and said that whatever he was doing, continue!

When asked “What is it about beef you love so much that motivates you to want to run as a member of Team Beef?” Alden responded, “I eat beef because it’s an excellent source of protein, vitamin B12, zinc and iron. The recovery time when eating beef has helped me tremendously. I truly believe that having beef in my diet has helped me with my running recovery time and marathon training recovery.” Alden fondly remembers running as a member of Northeast Team Beef at the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, D.C., and seeing so many other Northeast Team Beef participants and the crowds yelling “Go Team Beef” or “Where’s the beef!” He shares, “Crossing the finish line, I would have other runners approach me asking about Team Beef.”   

Each of the Northeast Team Beef members are equipped with plastic business card-sized handouts to stow in their pockets during races so that if, and when, they are asked about the team, they have a durable and handy resource to share with other interested runners who are not familiar with the team or why beef is a valuable source of nutrients in the diet of athletes.  

Alden has another incredible reason for why he runs. A reason that goes far does beyond personal health goals to remain strong and fit. He shares, “I also run for my son Alden Jr. Those that follow me on Instagram and Facebook see me posting my runs also using hashtag #Irun4Aldenjr. Alden Gibbs Jr. was a Division1 athlete that played basketball and football for Eastern Washington University. He was shot 11 times in 2017. He is now in a wheelchair and, per doctors’ predictions, he will never walk again so I dedicate all my runs to him.” News reports following the event share that Alden Gibbs Jr., was shot defending a woman who was being attacked by an unknown man.  

Alden, your fellow Northeast Team Beef-mates want to extend heart-felt sympathies to you and your family, especially your son, Alden Gibbs Jr., for the traumatic circumstances you all endured and continue to walk through as your son heals.  

PHOTO CAPTION:  Alden is the second runner from the right.

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