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Challenge Accepted

C. Brown | February 11, 2021

Joy Nystrom

Challenge Accepted

One of the newest (and youngest) members of the Northeast Team Beef program is Joy Nystrom.  A dairy farmer, writer, podcast producer and lover of stand-up comedy, Joy has a countless  hobbies and interests. Lucky for us, one is running!!  Joy grew up in Virginia and attended Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University where she majored in dairy science.  She’s worked on a variety of dairy farms and is currently employed as the assistant manager of the Arethusa Dairy show barn located in Litchfield, CT, where she manages everything from milking cows to show ring preparations.

Joy started running in college as a way to explore the new towns she moved to throughout her academic career.  She says, “I became serious about running when my friend bet me that I couldn’t run seven miles in our local road race and I said, ‘Of course I can. That’s easy!’” She continues, “Although, at that point in my life, I had never run more than three miles. After that race I really fell in love with running.  It became a mental health game changer and life changer. I like challenging myself and I know I can always do better, whether it’s better training, a better mindset, a better time.  I really like to challenge myself to get better every time I do something.  I’m also really competitive and love making competitions with myself.  I love running and I know that even on the hard days it can take a bad mood to a good mood. Running is also the space where I feel most relaxed and I can just think about what I want to and my mind isn’t racing in 600 directions. It’s nice -just me and the road.”  

Joy lives a really active lifestyle, and it’s not because she’s a runner.  As a dairy farmer, she’s constantly on her feet.  “Beef is truly a life saver for me,” Joy shares.  “As a dairy farmer, I am on my feet 10-12 hours a day, then I like to get done with that and go for long runs. I am constantly moving, and I really struggle to get enough protein in my diet for how active I am.  However, I know that one serving of beef can sustain me until the next meal and keep me from feeling like I’m going to pass out. I like to keep a jar of meatballs in my fridge that I eat as snacks on high mileage weeks.”  

At the moment, Joy’s goal is to qualify for the prestigious Boston Marathon.  The Northeast Team Beef members wish Joy all the best as she challenges herself to train and race well enough to achieve a marathon finishing time that qualifies her to run the Boston Marathon!

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