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No Signs of Stopping

C. Brown | December 23, 2020

Rachel Tambling

No Signs of Stopping  

College professor, yoga teacher and, house remodeler, Rachel Tambling is one of our veteran Northeast Team Beef members.  During our recent Team Beef “Meat & Greet”, where members had the opportunity to virtually meet and learn more about each other, Rachel was nearly exploding out of the screen with her love and passion for running.     

She shares, “I love the process of running. It is very meditative for me, and is my favorite way to unwind, to explore new areas, and to see familiar things in a new way. I find I always come back to running when I need to feel a sense of reconnection with myself.”  

Rachel’s running goal is focused on longevity.  “Right now, I just want to run as long as I can. I run regularly with several older runners and they inspire me to keep running. Many of them are in their 60s or 70s, and run well – winning age group awards, increasing their distance, committing to workouts, and generally just enjoying their opportunity to run. I hope that will be my life in my 70s and beyond.” 

Rachel is a member of the Northeast Team Beef program for several reasons.  She shares, “Aside from the delicious taste of beef, I love the versatility of beef as a protein. The vitamin and mineral profile is perfect for athletes and there are so many ways to enjoy beef that I’m never bored. My grandpa was a cattleman, and really impressed upon me the importance of family farming, and the ways that so many different people can contribute to the beef industry. I had a great appreciation not only for beef as food, but as an industry, from a young age.” 

Like many others, the COVID-19 pandemic has altered her running.  “I am running more often, but shorter distances.”  She shares.  She goes on to say, “I’m working from home most of the time, so I have been using running as a way to manage my schedule and take breaks during the day. As we go into winter, I know it will change again, but it’s been nice to be flexible in my approach to training.”

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