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Team Beef Member Travels the World

C. Brown | December 2, 2020

Amanda Weishaar

Team Beef Member Travels the World  

One of our newest Northeast Team Beef members has literally been all around the world!  Amanda Weishaar is British and was born in West Germany.  She traveled to all seven continents by the age of 23, and has been to nearly 60 countries. She moved to the United States, Kansas to be exact, 14 years ago.  Now, Amanda resides with her husband in Virginia where she is the Aquatics Director and Head Swim Coach at an all-boys military school.   

Amanda served in the British Royal Navy.  She shares, “I was a Leading Marine Engineering Mechanic. I worked on everything from desalination, sewage, wood and metal work, propulsion, Rolls Royce Olympic gas turbines and Mitsubishi diesel engines to fire and safety equipment, coxswain and electrical. I was very fortunate to have experienced as much as I did in a short amount of time.”  On her final assignment on the HMS (Her Majesty’s Ship) Endurance, she froze her sinuses.  To this day, she has no sense of smell or taste.  She chooses foods based on texture, nutritional value and color.  Amanda adds, “Hence why I eat so much beef, especially lean cuts!”  She adds, “Losing my sense of smell and taste, and then being diagnosed with low Iron, I found I had to change my dietary needs and focus on putting the right products into my body. I found beef to be versatile and the “melt-in-your-mouth” texture- divine. Truly a satisfying feeling. A lot of research went into finding the right sort of food to eat so I could continue to improve my overall health and to challenge myself as I age.”

Amanda somewhat stumbled her way into running, saying, “In my youth, I only ran when it was combined with another sport such as soccer or field hockey. I was diagnosed with asthma in 2000, and was told to quit exercising. When I moved to the United States, I was unhappy with my body and my lack of athletic abilities, so I took up running. I hated it for about the first five years but then it became therapeutic in that I could calm my mind and focus on what's important, and eliminate all the “fluff” that my mind can sometimes gravitate toward. By running first thing in the morning I have zero excuses to postpone my workouts. It gives me more energy and I can start the day strong. Plus, it helps my asthma by breathing in a rhythmic and controlled way.” 

When Amanda moved to Kansas, she ran for the Kansas Team Beef program.  The team in Kansas has a huge following and she estimates there to always be at least 10-15 Team Beef members at every major race event in the state. She shares, “The comradery is huge at the start of the race, and then the public constantly shouting “Team Beef” is a great motivator throughout the race. I never grow tired of the feeling of being a part of a close-knit group of like-minded individuals with the same passion.”  Now a resident of Virginia, the Northeast Team Beef is where Amanda can continue to be a part of a passionate team of beef advocates. 

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