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Mediterranean-Style Cookbook Author Runs with Northeast Team Beef

C. Brown | July 6, 2020

Abbie Gellman

Mediterranean-Style Cookbook Author Runs with Northeast Team Beef  

Northeast Team Beef member Chef Abbie Gellman is taking the spotlight this month in the “Stories of Strength” series as we join her in celebrating the recent launch of her first cookbook, The Mediterranean-DASH Diet Cookbook.   

“I love the Mediterranean approach because it focuses on whole foods and there is a place for most everything. It is heavily plant-based, but animal proteins definitely play a vital role in the diet, including beef. I focus on a well-balanced plate and lifestyle, and it is inclusive of so many things,” comments Abbie.  She goes on to say, “Nutritionally, beef is amazing – as I’m sure you all know! And it is super delicious and versatile. I find it so easy to make a skirt steak or some meatballs pretty much any day of the week. I feel good knowing I’m giving my family nutritious, tasty food.”  

Abbie’s robust website features a searchable collection of delicious recipes, such as Dutch Oven Pot Roast and Sous Vied Strip Steak. 

 The national beef checkoff invested in research released in 2018 by Purdue University which found following a Mediterranean-style eating pattern that includes lean red meats like lean beef is just as effective in supporting a healthy heart as a Mediterranean-style diet that limits red meats. This new research study adds to the growing body of scientific evidence demonstrating lean beef can be part of healthy eating patterns to support heart health and increase flexibility for healthy eating.  Read more information about how a Mediterranean-style diet supports heart health at Beef it’s What’s for 

 When Abbie isn’t developing new recipes for her second cookbook or testing recipes for clients, she can still be found in her kitchen simply cooking for the joy of it.  She shared how it has been nice to cook more of what she wants to rather than what she needs to for work projects.  As a Northeast Team Beef member, Abbie is committed to living a healthy and active lifestyle.  She enjoys exercising outdoors, doing yoga or strength training to remain fit. 

 Abbie lives in Manhattan and, like everyone, has had to adjust to a ‘new normal’ with her work and personal life following the social distancing caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Fortunately, she works from a home office and kitchen but she did have to pivot workwise as a result of cancelled travel.  

 She shares, “My nearly 13-year-old daughter and I being home together 24/7 was certainly a change, but she is old enough to take responsibility for schooling so we each have our own desks and workspaces. We live near the Hudson River, so I am able to go outside every day to run or walk, which is great – even if we do have masks on – I feel lucky to have access to and live in a “walking city.”

Learn more about the 35 members of the Northeast Team Beef program, including Abbie, by viewing the member library and our Stories of Strength page.  In case you missed Abbie’s previous article, “How One Registered Dietitian Shares Her Love for Beef,” check it out now.

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