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Motivation and Hard Work Lead to Success

C. Brown | March 5, 2020

Katelyn parsons

Motivation and Hard Work Lead to Success 

Weight loss, stress relief, a personal sense of accomplishment - these are just some of the motivators for running to one of our newest Northeast Team Beef members, Katelyn Parsons.  Initially, her goal was to tackle the good ole’ freshman 15 but about two years ago, her purchase of a treadmill and earnest quest to lose a significant amount of weight drove her to be more intentional and consistent with running.  Since reaching her goal weight a little over one year ago, Katelyn continues to enjoy the freedom of running, and it has since become a true passion for her.   

Katelyn has a background in agriculture, having grown up on a swine farm in Massachusetts.  She was, and still is, active with raising and showing Hampshire sheep.   She currently lives in Ashland, MA, and she works as the director of communications and marketing for the Massachusetts Farm Bureau Federation.  The four years she spent obtaining her undergraduate degree in agricultural communications and animal science took her to the rural setting of Oklahoma, followed by a sharp contrast to the urban life of Washington, D.C., where she worked for the U.S. Grains Council.  

With her background in production agriculture and current work with the Farm Bureau, Katelyn has seen first-hand how animal agriculture tends to be misrepresented and misunderstood, specifically as a nutrient-dense food in the diet.  “Animal protein is one of the best protein sources for humans to consume. As a runner, I know I always feel better after consuming meals that contain lean protein, including beef. As such, I’d love to help consumers understand that lean animal protein can be part of a healthy diet.” 

Katelyn recently won her age division at the Aflac Super Chili 5k Bowl in Manchester, NH, with a time of 23:03, which is approximately a 7 ½ minute mile!  Her current running goal is to complete a half marathon.  Katelyn shared with us, “My background in farming taught me that hard work and consistency pays off. While I was not athletic in high school, my work on the farm taught me similar concepts. I apply those concepts to my runs and usually see successful results.”  

We would agree!  The proof is in the pudding and that 5K finishing time is no joke! Congratulations to Katelyn on her recent age division win.  Her Northeast Team Beef teammates will be cheering her on as she strives to achieve her next goal to complete a half marathon!

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