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Leading By Example

C. Brown | November 4, 2019

Kim Marchand

Leading By example 

When looking for a coach, you generally look for someone who has “been there, done that,” right?  Someone who hasn’t just talked the talk, but they’ve walked the walk…or in the case of Kim, they’ve run the run.  

Kim Marchand is a Road Runners Club of America certified running coach and has led the Fleet Feet West Hartford marathon training program for the past seven years. He has completed 80 marathons and ultra marathons, and more than 100 half marathons. He’s run the Boston Marathon 11 consecutive times and just qualified for his 13th Boston Marathon a few weeks ago.  He is also a pacer for the Hartford Marathon Foundation, which serves other runners during the race to help them achieve their goal pace.  

Coach Kim, we’ll absolutely take your advice as a running coach! 

Kim has been consistently running for 15 years since 2004. Recently married to his sweetheart and lifetime running partner, Kim and his wife, Jeanne, hit the streets in races frequently. “She is my biggest motivation. There are so many benefits of having a running partner. We always seem to motivate each other to go for that run when either of us are having a bad day. If we weren’t together it would be so easy to fall off the wagon, as they say, and not go for a run. Together, we are pretty much an unstoppable motivational machine that continues to inspire so many in our running community through our accomplishments, positive attitude, and marathon coaching,” comments Kim.  “We enjoy Runcations,” as Kim calls them, “a vacation which includes a destination marathon.”  What better way to stay on the running “wagon” during vacation than to schedule vacation to include a marathon? Kim and his wife just returned from a Runcation to Minnesota where he completed the Twin Cities Marathon.

“I have always eaten beef for my pre-marathon meals, as well as during my training. It has helped me attain my goals, recover faster and maintain my high level of fitness. I can’t imagine not having a balanced diet without eating beef,” comments Kim when asked why beef is his protein of choice as a distance runner.  

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