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Honoring our Fallen Warriors While Advocating for Beef

| October 7, 2019

Letty Marino

Honoring our Fallen Warriors While Advocating for Beef

While most of us find it challenging enough to run in a road race carrying maybe only a small bottle of water and a snack or two, Letty Marino takes it to the next level!  In every race she runs, Letty carries a full-sized American flag and has a photo of a fallen service man or woman safety pinned to her outfit.  She has committed to doing her very best to not let these fallen service men and women be forgotten.  She herself works for the Navy, her husband served in the Marines and is now a member of the police force at Virginia Beach, and two of her sons are veteran Marines.  Service to our country runs strong and deep within the Marino family! 

Letty also runs to advocate for the power of beef in the diet as a member of the Northeast Team Beef program.  In her earlier years, consuming beef, or any animal product, wasn’t part of Letty’s diet.  “I was a vegan but with all the running I was doing, my doctor advised me to incorporate lean protein into my diet,” commented Letty “Specifically, I was to eat red meat 2-3 times a week.  I am happy to say, I feel stronger and recovery is now quicker although, these days, I am eating lean beef 3-4 times a week.”.  Now, an avid beef eater, Letty can attest to the first-hand nutritional benefits beef has to offer! She goes on to share, “I love the quick recovery benefits of beef, as well as the minimal amount of calories I take in (with beef) to maintain my fitness level.”  If you’re curious to learn more about beef and protein, check out

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