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The Value of Beef to One Northeast Team Beef Triathlete

C.Brown | August 12, 2019

Ross yellin

 The Value of Beef to One Northeast Team Beef Triathlete

Boston, MA-based Northeast Team Beef member, Ross Yellin will be representing Team Beef in August at the historic and prestigious 2019 Falmouth Road Race in Falmouth, MA.  The Beef Checkoff will once again be a sponsor of the race expo where the many positive beef nutritional messages can be shared with expo attendees preparing to toe the line of the Falmouth Road Race alongside Ross.

Interestingly, Ross doesn’t really consider himself a runner despite having run the 2014 Boston Marathon, Ironman 70.3 Maine in 2017,  and is now training for not only the Falmouth Road Race, but also Pumpkinman 70.3 in September, the B.A.A. Half Marathon in October, and the Cambridge Half Marathon in November.  Still, he considers himself a triathlete, skier, rugby player, and CrossFit athlete.  He says he has a deep sense of self-motivation and internal competition.  He has a persistent drive to beat his personal best and to not only reach, but also to exceed goals he previously thought unattainable.

As he described the value beef brings to his training regimen, Ross shared the following words with us:  

Working for some time in sports science and specifically sports nutrition, when it comes to training, my approach is somewhat scientific. I know that success doesn’t come from simply swimming laps or putting miles on my shoes or tires. While those metrics are important, they are only half of the equation. After all, when it comes to performance, your body is your engine and it must be fueled properly.

This couldn’t have been crystallized better for me when training for my first Half Ironman. Over the course of training and the many miles pounding the pavement, I saw my ferritin (iron storage) levels slowly trend downward. I knew that was a problem I couldn’t let continue. You see, when you run, especially long distances, your foot striking the ground is crushing red blood cells and depleting your iron levels. What’s the best way to get those levels back up? You guessed it, beef! Naturally, I introduced more lean cuts of beef into my diet and saw my numbers and energy/recovery time begin to rebound. A miraculous and tasty cure! 

Now, while beef plays a regular role in my diet, I increase my intake during heavy training periods and am often asked by others whether they should do the same (thanks to my aforementioned job, I get asked quite often). I’m always sure to inform them that they should have lean red meat in their diet and I teach them another trick I’ve learned along the way… never drink coffee or tea within an hour of eating an iron-rich meal (before or after) as the tannins in the beverage stop your body from absorbing the iron, thus negating the whole point of the meal – optimized fuel for your training! 

Stay tuned to the Northeast Beef Promo Facebook and Instagram pages to follow along in the 2019 Falmouth Road Race on August 18 to see how the race goes for Ross! 

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