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“30 Before 30 List” Turns Woman Into Avid Runner

| April 17, 2019

Melisa Augusto

 “30 Before 30 List” Turns Woman Into Avid Runner

It’s safe to say Melisa has caught the running bug and there is no turning her back!  It’s always fascinating to hear how a runner ultimately becomes a runner.  Some follow the traditional path of simply picking up the sport during school and maintaining their interest in running into their adult years.  In the case of one of our newest Northeast Team Beef members, Melisa Augusto, her running journey started after she and a friend made a “30 Before 30 List” and included a half marathon on a whim. She had a lot of friends who took up running after college, so she thought she would give it a try.

Not only did Melisa enjoy that first half marathon, it spurred her on to complete many races after that.  “I really fell in love with the excitement that comes with racing, she said.” “Running is a sport that is truly humbling – you cannot size anyone up based on their appearance – age and size are no indicator of speed or ability. Since that first half marathon, I have gone on to run almost 100 races, including 9 full marathons, as well as weight loss totaling almost 100 pounds.”  She has no plans for slowing down anytime soon, either!  In addition to her next feat to run the Marine Corps Marathon 50K Ultra in 2019, her goal is to complete all six World Marathon Majors and thus far, she’s completed Chicago and Berlin. 

Melisa grew up on a dairy farm and eating beef was a staple in her house.  She recognizes that fad diets and misinformation about food and the production of food are quick to trend and spread in the media culture today.  As a member of Northeast Team Beef, she “appreciates the opportunity to share real facts and information about beef and agriculture so that people can make educated decisions about their protein sources.” 

Melisa is currently the Director of Communications and Marketing with the Agricultural Retailers Association based in Washington, D.C.  A few fun facts about Melisa is she is a volunteer member and officer for the D.C. State Fair!  In her spare time, she also loves to read and travel. 

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