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The Sweet Tale of How One Man Chased Love and Became a Runner

| April 12, 2019

Chris Free

The Sweet Tale of How One Man Chased Love and
Became a Runner

Chris Free is nothing short of being incredibly active and motivated!  He ran himself right onto the Northeast Team Beef this past fall saying he, “wanted to be a part of Team Beef because of what it stands for—it merges exercise and diet as parts of a healthy lifestyle.”  He joined the team and has been running ever since!  Chris grew up in the Midwest and beef was a big part of his family’s diet . When celebrating, they ate steak and most of his favorite summer memories include eating a juicy burger with family and friends.  For those of you who call home to Virginia Beach, VA, just like Chris, you might want to check out the Cowboy Burger from Lager heads because they serve the best burger he has ever eaten. 

Chris’s entrance into the world of distance running is a sweet one.   “In high school I was a 3-sport athlete and running was just part of conditioning. It wasn’t until college that I turned to running as my primary athletic pursuit,” commented Chris. “In college, when I was trying to convince my now-wife to be my girlfriend, she was very busy with school, work, extracurriculars and running—and didn’t have time for a boyfriend. I became a runner to get time with her. We would run together and her PRs would become my goal PRs. Thirteen years later, we still love to run together and compete in races,. We’ve been happily married for ten years now—my plan worked flawlessly.”  No doubt, many, many other runners have raced a few miles in pursuit of a certain someone, just like Chris! 

Now that Chris is firmly a lifetime runner, he has a number of goals on his horizon.  Several of which include goals to run all the World Marathon Majors, break five minutes in the mile, break 18 minutes in the 5k, run a marathon in every state and run a marathon on every continent!  

When he’s not running, Chris is a proud husband and a new father. He is active in his home church and has volunteered in various capacities over the years, whether that be leading missions’ trips to Latin America or hosting Bible studies in his home. For his day job, Chris works as a humanitarian media producer with Orphan’s Promise and travels the world to tell the stories of children they help in 60+ countries across the world. 

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