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The Northeast Beef Promotion Initiative (NEBPI) is a Beef Checkoff Program.  In 2004, representatives from various State Beef Councils and industry organizations in the Northeast region joined together to discuss the opportunity to initiate a program specifically designed to channel national Beef Checkoff resources to the Northeast region, primarily along the I-95 corridor. In the fall of 2005, a request for funding was presented to the Beef Promotion Operating Committee to initiate the NEBPI program and it was subsequently approved. The 2006 fiscal year was the inaugural year for the NEBPI Retail and Public Relations programs and in the 2007 fiscal year, the Foodservice program was approved.

Nearly 305 million people reside in America and 70 million (23%) of those residents call the Northeast their home. However, only 3% of the Beef Checkoff dollars are collected in this region. This gap between limited Checkoff dollar resources and a growing population of residents in the Northeast creates a clear opportunity to channel nationally collected Checkoff dollars into this region. Each year, staff with the NEBPI strategically allocates these dollars into programs, promotions, and events within the region to help strengthen the demand for beef and veal. Feel free to take a look at some of the highlights from the NEBPI program through the years by browsing through our Archived Articles. 

In an effort to more effectively target the unique demands and preferences of Northeast Consumers, the checkoff's NEBPI extracted Northeast metropolitan consumer data from the 2012-2015 Consumer Beef Index reports.  

In 2016, the Northeast Scorecard was published.  Click on the links to view the Northeast Scorecard Executive Summary and the Northeast Consumer Infographic.  The full report can be accessed by emailing Christie Brown directly, however a snapshot of the full report can be viewed on this 1-page PDF slide.

Northeast Beef Promotion Initiative Staff

Physical/Mailing Address: 205 South Juliana Street, Bedford, PA 15522

Christie Brown

Northeast Beef Promotion Initiative;  Director of Marketing


Direct: (717) 250-3557


Jennifer Orr

Northeast Beef Promotion Initiative; Director of Nutrition Education


Direct: (724) 244-7143

Kaitlyn Carey

Northeast Beef Promotion Initiative; Director of  Consumer Affairs


Direct: (570) 994-7226           


Arika Pellman

Northeast Beef Promotion Initiative;Programs Manager


Direct: (717) 437-3286     



State Beef Council's in the Northeast:

•Delaware Beef Advisory Board

Scott Wright, Treasurer

Contact Information

•Maryland Beef Council 

Scott Barao, Ph.D., Executive Director 

Contact Information

•New Jersey Beef Industry Council 

Robert Mickel, NJ BC, c/o New Jersey Beef Council 

Contact Information

New York Beef Industry Council 

Jean O'Toole, Executive Director 

Contact Information

•Pennsylvania Beef Council 

Bridget Bingham, Executive Director 

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Vermont Beef Industry Council 

Chip Morgan, Executive Director 

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•Virginia Beef Industry Council 

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