What We Do

The beef checkoff's Northeast Beef Promotion Initiative (NEBPI) strives to connect the large population of consumers residing in the Northeast region with a variety of beef and veal resources and information such as; nutritional information, recipes, cooking tips, production information and in the case of our farm tours, cattle farmers! 

2018 Year in Review

For a snapshot of what we do within a fiscal year, take some time to watch our 2017-2018 Year in Review Video!

The NEBPI focuses on two primary areas of outreach:

Consumer Outreach

Approximately 23% of the U.S population lives, works, shops and dines in the Northeast region.  The overwhelming majority of consumers today are many generations removed from their farming relatives and have little or no access to the farmers that feed them.  This growing disconnect between farming communities and consumers has in many ways fueled the acceptance of misinformation, diminished the appreciation for food and caused many to question the importance of animal products in the diet.  The checkoff's NEBPI strives to connect the beef community with consumers in this heavily populated region of the country through the Consumer Outreach Program.

-Interactive and engaging presence at health & fitness-focused and cooking & entertaining events
-Appealing and irresistible digital advertising campaigns
-Partnerships with retailers within the region to highlight key beef-eating occasions

Marine Corps Marathon First Timer's Pep Rally

Atlantic City Food & Wine Festival

PA Farm Show; Celebrity Cook-Off

Safeway BBQ Battle

Influencer Outreach

The NEBPI's Consumer Outreach Program focuses on relationship building with key influencers located within the region.  The Beef Checkoff has a wealth of valuable content, tools and information available for consumer influencers and it is the role of the NEBPI to ensure those key influencers receive that valuable information.  Examples of these influencers includes retail meat department staff, butchers, chefs, restaurant owners and operators, culinary instructors, culinary students, physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, registered dietitians, dietetic interns and fitness professionals.
-Influencer Immersion Events (farm tours, cutting demonstrations, staff training programs)
-Influencer meetings and industry conferences
-E-newsletters, webinars, social media support

Beef Tour with Nutrition Influencers

Sharing Beef Research with Nutrition Professionals

Beef Cooking Demonstration at Culinary Conference

Beef Cutting Demonstration at Meat Conference