Millennial 2 Millennial Program

The beef community needs your help to tell the positive beef story! The Pennsylvania Beef Council and Beef Checkoff Program are seeking a dedicated group of young adults with a passion to advocate on behalf of the beef community, as part of the ‘Millennial to Millennial’ (M2M) Program. This team of Millennial advocates will receive training to help educate consumers about beef at large consumer expos and events throughout the year.

The M2M Program will serve as a unique learning opportunity for students to enhance their advocacy skills and build a voice for the agriculture industry. Students will also be tasked with additional assignments such as social media engagements, media interviews, written press releases, beef advocacy efforts and others to connect consumers with America’s beef producers. These assignments can be tailored to an individual’s interests and talents to promote personal growth while in the program.

Participant Benefits:

  • Become a member of the M2M team representing beef across the northeast U.S.
  • Professional development and hands-on training to serve as an advocate for the beef community
  • Gain leadership, communication and teamwork skills
  • Receive program apparel for use at consumer events
  • Travel reimbursement to and from the trainings and consumer events
  • Monetary and prize incentives given throughout program year for exceptional advocacy efforts
  • Potential to receive academic credits towards college degree; major or minor, for internship work and experience

Participant Eligibility:

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Applicant must be in good standing, attending either The Pennsylvania State University or Delaware Valley University.
  • Submit an application and resume below by Monday, October 10, 2016
  • Attend scheduled interview time to determine placement on the Millennial team.

Participant Requirements Once Selected:

  • Participate in the M2M Training Events
  • Confirm availability for a minimum of two large consumer events throughout the year
  • Currently a Masters of Beef Advocacy (MBA) 2.0 Program Graduate or plan to complete the training prior to the recruitment training day event
  • Complete group and individual project work as assigned
  • Submit a pre/post survey at the start and end of the recruitment program:
  • October 1, 2016 – September 30, 2017


Those interested in advocating for the beef industry must submit an application and resume by Monday, October 10, 2016. Checkoff staff will conduct interviews at both Penn State University and Delaware Valley University the following week; October 20-26, 2016. Those members selected for the M2M team will need to attend an in-person spokesperson and advocacy training in mid-November.

Applications Closed!

 Overall Program Goal: The ‘Millennial to Millennial’ (M2M) Program will create beef community advocates for use at large consumer events and speaking engagements, educating the public about beef and beef production. Program recruits must conduct themselves in a professional and mature manner when representing the beef checkoff. Advocates will receive a variety of leadership, communication and professional development skills through hands-on, real-world experiences.


          100th PA Farm Show                          Strolling of the Heifers                          Giant BBQ Battle



For program information and questions please contact:
Northeast Beef Promotion Initiative
Jennifer Orr

205 South Juliana Street
Bedford, PA 15522
(814) 623-2698