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One 3-oz. serving of lean beef provides you with nearly half your daily protein needs and a host of other important nutrients! These nutrients help your body maintain a healthy weight, and preserve and build muscle. Research indicates that heart healthy diets with high quality lean protein helps lower cholesterol (the bad kind), reduce the risk of chronic diseases and reduce high blood pressure.

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Protein is the big buzzword in food and nutrition, and it should be! Protein gives you the control you need to take on the day and make the right food choices – all day. However, most Americans don’t get enough protein, or consume almost all (about two-thirds) of their daily protein at dinner. A growing body of research shows it’s better to balance your protein intake over the course of the day, instead of eating it all at one meal. Protein throughout the day helps you avoid that hungry feeling, giving you more control over the foods you choose.

Do you find it hard to get the right amount of protein at each meal, every day? The Protein Challenge can help! This fun, step-by-step 30-day plan will help you get a balanced amount of protein at each meal.







Veal is not only nutritious but a great way to cut calories. In fact, a standard 3 oz. portion of many veal dishes is less than 400 calories, or 20% of a 2,000 calorie daily allotment. Put veal on your weekly menu and discover that eating nutritious can be delicious too. You don’t have to be an expert chef to create a delicious meal using veal. It can be sautéed, stir-fried, braised, stewed, grilled or broiled. Choosing the right method of preparation is important. Create your own veal masterpiece using one of the traditional Cooking Methods. Check out these host of recipes for a quick and easy meal solutions.

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