Beef Tours

Each year, the beef checkoff's Northeast Beef Promotion Initiative organizes beef, dairy and/or veal farm tours for interested groups of influencers. Today's consumers are becoming increasingly interested in learning about where their food comes from and how it is produced.  Cattle farmers want to be the ones to share their story about how they raise beef and why they love what they do.  The NEBPI helps connect farmers with influencer groups to increase the level of transparency within the beef community.

What do we consider an 'influencer group'?

Influencer groups are professionals in their field of expertise that have the ability to influence consumers.  We specifically seek out influencers in the following areas of expertise:


- Meat & Seafood Directors, Meat Managers, Meat cutters/Butchers


- Executive Chefs, Restaurant Owners, Culinary Instructors/Educators, Culinary Students, Distributor Marketing Associates

Health & Fitness

- Physicians, Physician Assistants, Registered Dietitians, Fitness Professionals, Dietetic Interns

Our Most Recent Beef Tours

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"Meat Your Beef" with Le Cordon Bleu
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"Raising the Steaks" with Bridgewater State University
"Meat Your Beef" with Stew Leonard's
"Meat Your Beef" with New England Retailers

Chef Greg Wentz, Culinary Instructor and Coordinator for Howard Community College (HCC), Columbia, Md.
, commented following the beef tour, “The importance between the beef industry and culinary influencers are paramount in today’s information rich society. Future buyers, chefs and culinarians must have accurate information to buy and price accordingly in order to better serve their growing population." Wentz continued, “The students at HCC were allowed a perfect opportunity to meet a wonderful panel of these industry experts. The panel reinforced exactly what the beef industry involves and showed the students how sustainable farming works. Additionally, many false rumors were addressed to educate our students about animal health. It was a great experience for the students to learn more about their food sources.”

Chef Earle Test, the Director of Education and Executive Chef at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Boston, commented following the tour, “We decided to come out today to help our faculty understand more about food and where it comes from so we can share that information with our students and can help them achieve more in their careers.” Chef Test went on to say, “We all have a better appreciation for the way the whole system works from start to table. This is all helpful information to share with our students.”

Scott Machado, a senior at Bridgewater State in Exercise Science, commented following the tour at Gibbet Hill, “The beef tour trip was amazing and very imformative since the general public perveption is that beef is unregulated and has adverse health effects." Machado went on to say, “In actuality, it is closely regulated with stringent rules for what can make it to the dinner table.”

Want to take a virtual tour?  

Visit our "The Beef Lifecylce" page

"Meat Your Beef" with Stew Leonard's

"Raising the Steaks" with NYU Dietetic Interns