Stories of Strength

Each Northeast Team Beef member has a unique story to share. #BeefStories.

June 4, 2019

How One Registered Dietitian Shares her Love for Beef

Abbie is a Registered Dietitian and chef, and she has her own company, Culinary Nutrition Cuisine, based in New York City.

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April 17, 2019

“30 Before 30 List” Turns Woman Into Avid Runner

It’s safe to say Melisa has caught the running bug and there is no turning her back! It’s always fascinating to hear how a runner ultimately becomes a runner.

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April 16, 2019

P.U.S.H. – Persist Until Success Happens

At 38 years old and never once running a 5K race or marathon, Karen Sanzo transformed from an everyday gym goer to a running rockstar by putting one foot in front of the other.

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April 12, 2019

The Sweet Tale of How One Man Chased Love and Became a Runner

Chris Free is nothing short of being incredibly active and motivated! He ran himself right onto the Northeast Team Beef this past fall saying he, “wanted to be a part of Team Beef because of what it stands for—it merges exercise and diet as parts of a healthy lifestyle.”

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